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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

TerraBite's sole vision: An economy built upon sustainable and moral practises

Founded by two high-school students in 2019, TerraBite is a social enterprise working to combat the use of one-time-plastics in the Singaporean food industry. We do this by providing local business with completely bio-degradable alternatives to conventional plastic utensils. TerraBite differentiates itself from existing 'bio-degradable' solutions by providing 100% wooden cutlery, exempt from the limitations of current biodegradable plastics (read more about the falsehoods of existing biodegradable plastics here).

Living in a nation that uses 1.76 Billion plastic items each year, it’s time we reconsider and reinvent our business practises. One of the easiest ways to begin phasing single-use plastic out of our industries is by switching to true, biodegradable alternatives.

TerraBite is founded on principles of Determination, Commitment and Accountability, we strive to be more than just a business, we strive to be a movement: we aspire to be a voice and catalyst for the change our society needs, to amend the harm we have done to this planet and begin building a sustainable economy. Selling wooden cutlery may seem like a futile effort towards overcoming the plastic issue of our generation, but it is an essential and very important first step in the right direction.

Help us move towards a more sustainable economy by joining the TerraBite movement.

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